Hello and welcome on my website!

I had already planned an upgrade of this website a long time ago. Now I have excuted it. As you can see, this website isn't more complex. It's even simple now. This website now doesn't need JavaScript anymore. My intention was that this website only works with HTML, CSS and PHP from now on. So it shouldn't be a problem anymore if scripts are deactivated in your web browser. This website should be barrier-free now. Only for the play-back of YouTube videos you still will need the Flash player.

The structure of this website didn't change in the main, most of the menu items still exist. If and when I will publish own software here again is indefinite till now. A backup of the software still exists. But the software is already out-of-date and will need refactoring first, except for three little programs.

And a few news about me... I didn't change in the meantime, I'm still a fan of Brent Spiner, Star Trek TNG, Stingray and Hogan's Heroes. That's all for now, some more maybe later.

On the left side you will find the menu. Have fun while browsing this website!

My other webpages (BrentSpiner/FreshHell/Nick Mancuso) - Flash might be necessary here:
- www.scollection.de
- freshhell.scollection.de
- www.protwrit.com
- borndead.protwrit.com
- persefonestears.protwrit.com

Beware of Nick Mancuso (Stingray) who is a fraud:
- More information

Creation year: 2011 - jweschenfelder.de [Deutsch]